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The United States Association of Prides (USAP) is deeply concerned by the continuing global spread of the novel coronavirus and the resulting impact on Pride organizations.

Pride organizations in the United States mobilize more than 20 million individuals in communities across the country. The COVID-19 virus has caused many nonprofit Pride organizations to cancel fundraising events. These events provide essential financial support for nonprofits in the Pride movement to deliver their mission throughout the year. The USAP Pride Operational Support Fund provides a one-time grant award to organizations that, due to COVID-19, have had to cancel or postpone critical fundraising events and programming, resulting in a significant hardship on the organization. Intended to provide emergency gap funding, this general operating support grant can support general operating, administrative and non-recoverable expenses. 

To help support financially struggling local Pride organizations impacted by COVID-19, USAP has launched an immediate appeal to build our Pride Operational Support Fund allowing us to respond rapidly to the most vulnerable organizations at greatest risk from this health crisis.

CASH ASSISTANCE will be made available for Pride organizations in the United States hit hardest by the spread of Coronavirus with cancelations or postponements.

Pride organizations can apply for the funds.

  • All Pride organizations that have been affected by the pandemic can be considered for the funds with priority being given to those who are at risk and in precarious financial positions.

  • Emergency funds will be available to organizations based on need.


Ways to Give


If you’ve been looking for a way to support the Pride movement during this time, this is one way to help. Please give to our Pride Operational Support Fund.

Are you an individual, company or foundation interested in making a gift to the Fund? 

Please donate online: Click Here to Give

Checks can be sent to: (please indicate Operational Support Fund in the memo field)

United States Association of Prides

2926 Delcourt Drive

Decatur, GA 30033


For more information contact


United States Association of Prides is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax-deductible in full or in part. Our Federal Tax ID is #84-3505503

How the Fund Works


USAP receives donations and makes emergency grants to nonprofit Pride organizations that are working on the frontlines as beacons of hope and connectivity providing our nation’s most vulnerable with human rights and social justice community-based support.  Pride organizations serve vital roles in their community engaging hundreds of volunteers, employing local contractors, hiring businesses and in some cases provide assistance to other non-profit organizations that provide food security, essential living expenses, support emergent needs, provide rent and utility payment support.

Currently, the Fund will complement the work of local and state programs and expand a local Pride organization's capacity to address the many needs created by the coronavirus crisis and keep the organization function.

Grants to nonprofits are made on a rolling basis. As fundraising continues through the outbreak, recovery and post phases of the crisis, the Fund will adapt to emerging needs as the situation evolves.


In order to move resources quickly without further burdening organizations providing critical services and support, we are accepting requests for grant assistance starting April 12, 2020. Click Here For Application

  • USAP only grants funds to 501(c)(3) organizations. 

  • Additionally, The USAP Pride Support Fund supports financially impacted non-profit Pride organizations in the United States only.

  • A Pride organization must have canceled or postponed their scheduled 2020 Pride event to qualify


Due to anticipated high volumes, we will not be able to fund every proposal. For questions about the online form, please Please note, grant proposals and requests for loan program information will not be accepted via email.


Who Qualifies as a Pride Organization?

Any LGBTIA+ organization that produces Pride events for their greater community as one of its purposes or activities is welcome by USAP. Pride events may include a parade, march, rally, festival, arts festival, cultural activity, event or activity organized for people identifying as Lesbian, Gay Men, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and/or other emerging sexual identities.


What is USAP?

Established in October 2018, the United States Association of Prides was formed with the primary purpose to engage in activities to promote public education and awareness of the personal rights and civil liberties of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals. USAP is focused on developing a national identity of Pride and building vibrant and strong US Pride organizations through collaboration, support, networking, providing resources and advocacy for its members.

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