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Marsha Levine, San Francisco Pride


Female - Identified


Marsha H. Levine has been a Pride-organizing veteran since 1980, first serving on the Boston Lesbian/Gay Pride Committee, and then joining the San Francisco Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Parade and Celebration Committee, Inc., immediately upon moving there in 1985.

Marsha currently serves as one of four of InterPride’s Vice Presidents of Global Outreach and Partnership Management, as well as the Co-President of USAP (United States Association of Prides). She has the distinction of being recognized as the Founder of InterPride and a co-founder of CAPI, Inc. (Consolidated Associations of Pride, Inc.).

For 18 years, she was San Francisco Pride’s Parade Manager, on top of a similar period as a volunteer for the organization in a variety of roles, including President and Vice President on their Board of Directors. Now she serves as the Community Relations Manager for SF Pride, responsible for coordinating community partners, volunteers, politicians, VIPs, and Grand Marshals. Marsha has been a strong advocate for human and civil rights since she was 16.