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USAP National Member Meeting

Sunday, May 21, 2023

12pm Eastern / 9am Pacific
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USAP will host its next regular National Member Meeting on Sunday, May 21. Present with us will be special guests from national and state advocacy organizations to provide us with legislative updates on the current state of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation sweeping across the country — including the overwhelming number of proposals targeting trans and gender-nonconforming youth. We'll discuss our recent National Call to Action and learn about action and advocacy steps you can take locally and statewide. 

Our special guests:


Vivian Topping (she/they)

Director of Advocacy & Civic Engagement, Equality Federation


Kit Malone (she/her)

Advocacy Strategist and director of ACLU of Indiana's LGBTQ Rights Project, ACLU of Indiana


Katie Blair (she/her)

Director of Advocacy and Public Policy, ACLU of Indiana


You must register for this meeting, hosted via Zoom. Once registered, you'll receive the Zoom meeting link. 

April 28, 2023

Dear Community,


After 53 years of mostly forward movement, it’s very sad to see this reactionary response by anti-LGBTQ+ conservative lawmakers. We, like you all, are increasingly aware and alarmed at the growing number of anti-LGBTQ+ bills advancing through state legislatures across the country. So far this year, more than 460 bills targeting our community have been filed, with many of them becoming law. 


We are alarmed at the number of bills and laws targeting transgender youth and trans healthcare, and we condemn these hostile and dangerous attempts to harm some of our community’s most vulnerable members. Some of these bills are even going after doctors and teachers that provide literal life-support to our community in many ways. Trans folks only make up 1% of the population and are clearly being attacked and targeted for political purposes.


These legislative attacks are now moving into the public sphere, with several bills targeting trans and gender-nonconforming people in public, drag entertainers, and venues, including Pride events, which host drag performances, book readings, and fundraisers. This criminalization of entertainment is an attack on the arts, the historic LGBTQ+ culture, and our freedom of speech.


This is forcing many Pride celebrations to either reconsider hosting drag at their events or canceling them so as to ensure the safety of all persons in the face of a rising tide of hate and violence.


We vehemently condemn these attacks, and we stand in solidarity with all members of our LGBTQ+ community, most especially our trans young people, as we together find ways to navigate through this challenging period.


What can you do?

Look — be aware of the political climate around you.

Listen — keep up by following the news and sharing it with others.

Learn — reach out to your local social justice organizations and learn what they are doing to fight this. Visit your state’s LGBTQ+ equality group’s website to get educated on the hostile bills in your state. 

Lobby —  Text the word RESIST to 50409 to use Resistbot to contact your state lawmakers, or look up your elected officials here and write them on your own. Write, call, volunteer support to state lawmakers trying to block or overturn these actions, or encourage them to move from a neutral position.

Love —  Continue to love each other! Support each other and join each other in supporting local queer businesses and sponsors that stand in solidarity with us. We must stay connected to each other and stand in unity. Support your local organizations providing support to LGBTQ+ youth and trans people with your time, talents, and monetary donations.


For USAP Members: Join our next National Member Meeting 

USAP will hold its next National Member Meeting on Sunday, May 21, 12pm Eastern / 9am Pacific to learn more about this call to action and the wave of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation across the country. Special guests from several national LGBTQ+ and civil rights organizations will be present with us to discuss the current state of legislation and answer your questions. Click here to register for the meeting, held via Zoom.




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In Solidarity and with Pride,

The United States Association of Prides, Inc.


About USAP:

The United States Association of Prides (USAP) engages in activities to promote public education and awareness of the personal rights and civil liberties of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and gender-nonconforming individuals. As a national voice for Pride organizers, USAP is focused on supporting and helping to build vibrant and strong U.S. Pride organizations through collaboration, access to resources, networking, developing a national identity of Pride, and offering support and advocacy for its members. USAP is a proud partner and constituent of InterPride, the International Association of Pride Organizers, whose mission is to achieve legal, social, and cultural equity for SOGIESC* communities through the Pride movement. Learn more at and

* SOGIESC: sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics

Media Contact:
Matt Comer (he/him)
USAP Communications Chair

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