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2024 USAP National Conference

January 25-28, 2024
Las Vegas, Nevada

The United States Association of Prides has opened registration for the USAP National Conference to be held January 25-28, 2024, in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino.

We are planning the conference with a special focus on U.S. Pride organizers, and we're very pleased to offer low registration and lodging rates. The registration fee covers three meals (two lunches and one dinner), a welcome pizza reception, and admission to all conference activities. Free breakfast will be offered for registered conference attendees who are staying at the Palace Station Hotel.

Co-Host & Partners


Conference Registration Rates

Registration Fees per person:

  • $245 — Early Registration until November 4, 2023

  • $295 — Regular Registration until January 4, 2024

  • $345 — Late and Onsite Registration, and for payments received after January 4, 2024

There will be an additional $50.00 fee for individuals who are not from a member Pride organization​​​​


Conference Hotel: Palace Station Hotel & Casino​​​​

palacestationhotel Large.jpeg

Boasting a stunning, newly renovated casino floor and completely refreshed accommodations, Palace Station is the all-new spot locals have always loved. Here, you'll find the modern comforts for your craving and the personalized service Station Casinos is known for.

The host hotel has sold out.

The Sahara Hotel is recommended as an alternate hotel.

Click here for the Sahara website.

Conference Keynote Speakers​

Jayne Walters



Jayne Walters (she/her) is a Board Member for Annapolis Pride and a former Board Member and the Director of Education for Indy Pride. She was the first openly transgender manager in the history of the Indianapolis Public Library. Her work has been featured in many publications and she was a contributing author to the 2023 book Trans and Gender Diverse Voices in Libraries. Her passions include LGBTQIA+ representation in juvenile literature; making sure libraries are accessible and equitable for the community and making them a safe and welcoming environment for all.

In today's political climate, there is an intersection where the interests of libraries and the LGBTQIA+ community meet. Jayne Walters, a trans activist, Annapolis Pride board member, and Librarian with Anne Arundel County Public Libraries in Maryland, discusses the way both communities can come together, and build a stronger, more united front against censorship and discrimination.


Conference Schedule & Workshops

The USAP National Conference will feature a mix of workshops and general sessions designed to meet the needs of conference attendees. One of the benefits of this conference is that it is being specifically designed U.S. Pride organizations. The workshops will center on issues that are common for us in the U.S., which may be different from other parts of the world.  By meeting together, we can discuss these topics and trends that are unique to the U.S.

Summary Schedule


Thursday, January 25, 2024
6:00 p.m. Welcome Pizza Reception


Friday, January 26, 2024
8:00 a.m. Breakfast for participants staying the Palace Station Hotel
9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Workshops and General Assembly
(Lunch will be provided)


Saturday, January 27, 2024
8:00 a.m. Breakfast for participants staying the Palace Station Hotel
9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Workshops and General Assembly
(Lunch and Dinner will be provided)


Sunday, January 28, 2024
8:00 a.m. Breakfast for participants staying the Palace Station Hotel
9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Round Table Discussions


Please note: All times are local Las Vegas (Pacific) and may shift no more than an hour in either direction as we finalize the program. 

Conference Workshops & Panel Discussions

Final schedule coming soon!

Thank you for your interest in presenting at the United States Association of Prides' Annual Conference. With your experience, we will be able to expand each delegate's understanding of festival planning, and organizational development as we come together to strengthen prides across the US to achieve equality and to celebrate diversity.

Contracts, Liabilities, & Costs
Understanding the reasons behind the premiums you pay. 
Chad Ballard
VantageChoice Insurance Agency

Pride Emergency Preparedness Planning (Panel)
This workshop will focus on Pride emergency and disaster incidents, and how to develop crisis management, emergency response for special events. Coordinating with your local, state, and federal agencies, City departments, and civic, and community stakeholders in preparing for your large-medium-small-scale special events. 

Adaptable Accessibility in Pride (Panel)
A discussion panel for Pride organizers to discuss various ways to provide adaptable accessibility for Festival attendees. Discussion points:
- Adaptability in outdoor venues
- Adaptability in Historic venues
- Adaptability on demand at event
- Temporary accessibility compared to permanent

Managing Festival Data (Panel)
This panel will include representatives from various USAP Pride organizations who have utilized the Eventeny platform to manage their festival data.  From first-timers to more seasoned users, the discussion will focus on best practices, lessons learned, and other tips around Eventeny.  This session is not sponsored or hosted in any way by Eventeny, but rather, is an opportunity to learn from the lived experiences of some current Pride customers.  Workshop attendees will be invited to ask their own questions of the panelists.  This is a must-see workshop for Pride organizations considering the Eventeny platform or those who are newly using Eventeny.

Ordinances and Laws affecting Prides 
Cristal Robinson will explore the impact of ordinances and laws on pride events, emphasizing their role in fostering inclusivity and addressing challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community. We'll delve into specific legislations, court cases, their historical context, and delve into steps to research and document your ongoing efforts to ensure equal rights and protection for pride celebrations.

Cristal Robinson
Robinson Law & Union County Pride, Inc

Sponsorships: Partnerships Made Perfect 2.0 
This interactive and informative workshop allows for participants to dive into modern, creative, and impactful strategic corporate, community, and organizational partnerships & sponsorship opportunities. We'll discuss identifying your event/org's unique value proposition and how to leverage that in a custom, fit-for-you style package to attract dollars and collaborators. This workshop will also discuss challenges such as high-jacking, micro-managing, and manipulative behaviors that can occur from the partnership side and how to protect your organization's integrity and authenticity. 

We'll look at how marketing and PR play a role in sponsorships as well as buy-in and support in other-ways than cash. We'll discuss how sponsorships can be financially rewarding, but also explore how those patterning and supporting orgs can further their investment by supporting additional community groups and people at the same time. "
Wesley Shaver
Milwaukee Pride Inc. 

Strength Through Visibility: 20 Years of Pride in Jersey City (Film Screening)
In 2021, JC Pride celebrated its twentieth anniversary, but with the changing political climate in the country can we count on celebrations to come? Will the progress Pride has made over the years prove to be too fragile to survive?  This documentary chronicles Jersey City Pride's history, it also provides a roadmap for people around the world who want to start Pride events in areas with little to no support. We started by hearing "no" from the city and now Jersey City is one of the most welcoming cities in the world for LGBTQ+ people. A small number of people CAN make a difference. Come see our story and learn how.

Eduardo Baez (Pronouns: He/Him/El)
Joseph Cameron (Pronouns: He/Him)
Co-Producers, Jersey City LGBTQ+ Pride Festival

Fundraising 101: Building a Culture of Philanthropy
This introductory workshop with provide participants with a high-level overview of the Fundraising Cycle, tips for crafting an impactful case for support, and strategies for building a culture of philanthropy. 
Nicholas Gulick
Nicholas Gulick Coaching / Nashville Pride

Fundraising 201: Serving Our Communities Through Sustainable Revenue Development
This introductory workshop will provide participants with strategies to build a sustainable fundraising plan for any size organization, examining Individual Giving, Major Gifts, Planned Giving, and Institutional Funding such as grants and sponsorships. Fundraising 101 is a suggested introduction but not a requirement. 
Nicholas Gulick
Nicholas Gulick Coaching / Nashville Pride

How to Make Your PRIDE Activities More Age-Friendly and Welcoming
Since the first PRIDE march in 1970,  the community has come together for Pride parades, marches, and festivals where we celebrate, protest, and connect. But for LGBTQIA+ seniors, it can seem as if PRIDE celebrations have passed them by, especially with the large crowds, the heat, and the lack of seating, shade, and accessible spaces and bathrooms as well as less obvious barriers. This session will involve a presentation on why it is important to engage LGBTQIA+ seniors in planning your PRIDE, as well as a discussion about ways to make your PRIDE celebrations welcoming and more age friendly. The workshop will begin with a brief presentation about why and how to make your PRIDE celebrations more age-friendly and welcoming for LGBTQIA+ seniors. Then we will hold a discussion with the audience about tips, best practices, and questions about how to make your PRIDE celebrations more age-friendly and welcoming for LGBTQIA+ seniors.
Jason Flatt
Las Vegas Pride/ University of Nevada Las Vegas 

Engaging Youth from Z to Alpha
Youth Engagement can be difficult, but with gaining some understanding of how Gen Z and Gen Alpha are different and what their needs are, we can create programming that helps meet their needs!  Come learn the needs of Gen Z and Alpha and what they desire in programming in a discussion based form to help your pride organization to better engage with youth not only during your pride, but 365! 
Trevor Harder
Henderson Pride Fest

How to be a Good Trans Ally and be an Inclusive Org
This workshop would discuss what it means to be a good trans ally and how to support the Trans community in the current climate in the US.  It will also explore how to make sure that you are a Trans Inclusive organization including recruitment of Trans folks into the org.
Andi Otto
He/Him They/Them
Twin Cities Pride

Can we all get along? Understanding the need for various identity pride celebrations and how we can work to support each other in a meaningful way.
In a world as diverse as ours, understanding and appreciating the importance of identity pride celebrations is essential for fostering inclusivity and building a more harmonious society. Our workshop, ""Can We All Get Along,"" aims to provide a safe and open space for individuals of all backgrounds to come together, explore, and discuss the significance of various identity pride celebrations. Whether you identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, an ally, or simply someone interested in promoting social cohesion, this workshop is designed for you.
Kenya Hutton
Center for Black Equity

How to Have Pride and Make Change in Rural America
Learn how Spencer Pride has approached its work in rural, conservative Indiana, and understand how to apply those lessons into building your own thriving rural LGBTQ+ pride organization.    For organizers in urban spaces, the workshop will provide examples of how you can best support your rural counterparts so that you can together make a bigger impact in your region.
Jonathan Balash
Spencer Pride

Conference Scholarships


The USAP Conference Scholarship allows USAP to support individual Pride organizers who may not otherwise be able to attend and participate at the national conference. The scholarship is available to Pride organizers with an expressed need for financial assistance, with a focus on new or small organizations. Scholarships are not intended to cover the full cost of a recipient’s participation in the conference, but rather supply meaningful financial assistance based on need. Scholarship funds are generously provided by a variety of USAP member organizations. 

Conference scholarship applications are no longer being accepted.

Full Conference Program
To Be Announced

Full Conference Program To Be Announced. 

Questions on registering for the conference can be sent to  

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