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USAP Board Members

The Premier Association Supporting & Enabling Pride Organizers in the United States

The U.S. Association of Prides Board of Directors is comprised of an executive committee of board officers, including the co-presidents, secretary, and treasurer, as well as a slate of board members who serve as district representatives for USAP's four regional districts. The board sets organization policy, establishes short- and long-term plans for USAP, ensures resources are available to meet the needs of USAP, and manages the governing affairs of the association. 

A new slate of board members was elected in October 2023 to begin service on Jan. 1, 2024. The incoming board is listed below. USAP extends its deepest gratitude to outgoing board members, including outgoing Co-President Marsha Levine and outgoing District Representatives Anna Barvir-Boone, Michael Goodnow, Luke Olson, Zack Baker, Marcy Carr, and Tiffany Lyn Royster. USA Prides expresses its gratitude to former treasurer Trisha Clymore. New board members were appointed in March 2024 to fill vacancies, including new treasurer Cristal Robinson, Jerry Mai, Vanessa Rodley, and Jayne Walters.

Executive Team

District Representatives

Central District

Jonathan Balash
Spencer Pride
Mark Liberson
Chicago Pride Fest

Eastern District

Alan Reiff
NYC Pride/OUTAstoria
Jayne Walters
Annapolis Pride

Southern District

Matt Comer
Charlotte Pride
Vanessa Rodley
Mid-South Pride

Western District

Trevor Harder
Henderson Pride Fest
Jerry Mai
Silicon Valley Pride
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