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USAP Condemns Supreme Court Ruling Permitting Discrimination of LGBTQ+ People

The Supreme Court of the United States, a guardian of justice, recently delivered a ruling that undermines LGBTQ+ protections in the name of "freedom of speech." However, this decision is misguided, as it perpetuates discrimination and denies marginalized communities their fundamental rights.

In a 6-to-3 vote, the Supreme Court upheld the right of a business to violate Colorado’s 1992 Amendment 2 nondiscrimination law by denying services to same-sex couples. The case used as a basis for the appeal to SCOTUS is completely fictionalized, plus the business didn’t serve a single same-sex couple. This is a massive abuse of the judicial system and part of a coordinated effort for those like the Alliance Defending Freedom to leverage conservative justices to roll back the attained rights of marginalized Americans.

The recent Supreme Court ruling is nothing more than a dangerous misappropriation of the fundamental right to freedom of speech which is vital to democracy. It should never serve as a shield for actions that perpetuate harm or disenfranchisement of vulnerable communities. Granting license to discriminate against LGBTQ+s under the guise of free speech, the court is enabling the pushback of marginalized groups back into the shadows of society.

The core principle of equality enshrined in the Constitution is under attack. Stripping LGBTQ+ people of essential legal protections, the Court enables fostering a society where discrimination becomes the norm. It undermines the fundamental tenets of equal protection and furthers the growing climate of intolerance increasing since 2016, after a long period of growing tolerance and understanding.

Thus is not progress, it is a dangerous backstepping.

About USAP:

The United States Association of Prides (USAP) engages in activities to promote public education and awareness of the personal rights and civil liberties of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and gender-nonconforming individuals. As a national voice for Pride organizers, USAP is focused on supporting and helping to build vibrant and strong U.S. Pride organizations through collaboration, access to resources, networking, developing a national identity of Pride, and offering support and advocacy for its members. USAP is a proud partner and constituent of InterPride, the International Association of Pride Organizers, whose mission is to achieve legal, social, and cultural equity for SOGIESC* communities through the Pride movement. Learn more at and


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