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Groundbreaking Play Triumphs Over Controversy, Raises Over $6,000 for Charity

April Newsletter Feature: Union County Pride in North Carolina Hosts Drag-themed Play

Union County Pride, Inc. and Queen City Performing Arts proudly announce the overwhelming success of the recent production, "Hello, Daddy!," which not only captivated audiences but also sparked meaningful conversations surrounding gender identity and acceptance. Despite facing initial protests and city council pushback over its inclusion of drag performances, the play garnered widespread acclaim and raised over $6,275 for Union County Pride with $1,050 for East Frank Legal Fund.

"Hello, Daddy!" boldly challenges societal norms and champions diversity through its thought-provoking narrative and groundbreaking performance. The play artfully navigates themes of identity, acceptance, and the importance of embracing individuality, resonating deeply with audiences of all backgrounds.

While the production initially faced backlash from some individuals protesting the inclusion of a drag performance, the overwhelming support from the community showcased a collective commitment to inclusivity and celebration of diversity. Through open dialogue and understanding, misconceptions were dispelled and the true message of the play shone through, uniting audiences in a shared appreciation for acceptance and love.

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Photo courtesy Kara Murphy, via Union County Pride Facebook.


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