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Member Pride sought to co-host 2024 USAP Conference

USAP is seeking letters of interest from member organizations who would like to co-host our 2024 national conference.

The United States Association of Prides is looking for a US based pride organization or District to assist with co-hosting our 2024 annual conference. Letters of Interest are due to the USAP Secretary by April 1, 2023. This invitation includes the requirements and responsibilities of the local host organization.

Local Host Organization Requirements

  • Must have been a full (paid) member organization of USAP for the past two years.

  • Individuals submitting the Letter of Interest must have attended the 2023 USAP Annual Conference.

  • Members from the host organization must commit to joining the Conference Planning Committee.

  • Demonstrated ability to recruit local volunteers to assist with onsite registration.

Local Requirements

  • Must have an airport in good proximity to the hotel.

  • Must have a hotel offering reasonable rates for the conference for at least 100 rooms, sufficient meeting space for conference functions (see hotel needs), and reasonably priced meal options.

Local Host Organization Responsibilities

  • Assistance with securing a hotel.

  • Recruiting and coordinating local volunteers to support onsite conference activities.

  • Assisting with planning evening receptions and social activities.

  • Recruiting workshops from groups and individuals to provide local expertise on event planning and/or organizational management. (Local workshops should make up 20% of the workshops, with USAP recruiting the remaining workshops.)

  • Assisting with local sponsors/support for evening and conference activities.

  • Host organizations will receive 20% back for any locally secured cash sponsorships. (The sponsorship must be approved by USAP prior to accepting it.)

USAP Responsibilities

  • Financial management of the conference.

  • Approving all contracts.

  • Coordinating conference registration.

  • Coordinating conference arrangements with the hotel.

  • Coordinating workshops and plenaries.

  • Securing sponsorships. USAP will work with the host organization on local sponsorships. USAP will coordinate any national sponsorships.

  • Managing hotel relationships.

  • Coordinating (with the local host) evening receptions and social activities.

Pride organizations interested in hosting the conference should email for information on submitting a letter of interest.

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