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Welcome to the new USAP website

The U.S. Association of Prides is ushering in 2023 with a brand new online presence. With it, comes new goals for increasing our communication with members, new ways to access members-only resources, and increased advocacy for Pride organizers and LGBTQ communities across the country. It's a New Year... New We!

Our new website

USAP's new website is the result of several weeks of thought and consideration, as well as the tremendous help and assistance of designer Perri Mertens.

Led by USAP Communications Chair Matt Comer, the redesign took into consideration the feedback of USAP members and of executive committee members. The following site design and improvements were considered:

  • Mobile-friendliness/Responsiveness

  • Consistent style and site structure

  • Ease of navigation

  • Calls to action

  • Clearly defined pathways for visitors

  • Member resources

Before embarking on the redesign, we asked a simple question: How should a visitor feel or what should they immediately know by simply interacting with our website for the very first time?

Our answer guided our design process: The USAP website should immediately inspire a perception of our organization's national reach, our service and devotion to our members, and our trustworthiness and professionalism as a leading organization in the larger LGBTQ movement.

New features for 2023

USAP's new website is more than a pretty face-lift. Embedded in the redesign process was a consistent goal and aim to increase our services and value for member organizations. You'll notice some of these changes and new features already, with more to come over the next few weeks and months.

Our new member listings highlight member organizations like never before. Member organizations' logos are listed, along with the dates of their next Pride event, and a link to their website.

Streamlined information

Our previous site had tons of useful information accessible over a wide range of pages. It was all great stuff! But it made finding the information you were looking for difficult. We've cut down on the number of pages on the site and restructured where you can find the information you're looking for. Additionally, joining USAP or renewing your membership shouldn't be difficult. We've made this information easier to find and have given clearer, easier instructions on how to complete the membership process.

Members-only resources

Members have given us consistent feedback that having access to resources which can support their local work is an essential value they receive from their membership. The creation of a members-only resource library has been on USAP's to-do list for quite a while. Starting in January 2023, members will gain access to a new members-only section of our website containing a slew of new resources. We're still building out the library, but you can expect a wide range of useful items, including sample policies, best-practice tips, and more. While you're waiting for the library to launch, be sure to sign up for our email newsletter. This is how you'll learn of the password to access the new members-only resource library. Would you like to contribute to the resource library? Email your documents and resources to

Increased communications

In addition to the members-only resource library, we plan to drastically increase the ways we communicate with you, keep you updated about the work of USAP, and provide general resources and how-to knowledge on a regular basis. Our website's refreshed news section is where you'll find the latest general updates, press releases/statements, general resource articles, and more. We'll be sharing these new communications with you via our email newsletter and our social media, both of which will be getting a strategic overhaul early in 2023.

Have questions? Want to help?

If you have questions about the new website, 2023 communications plans, or want to jump in and assist as a member of the communications committee, feel free to reach out to Matt at You can also email him if you find any needed revisions/corrections on the new website or if you find something acting a little wonky.

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